How to stake AREA Token?

Once staking pools are announced open for Areon Network, you can participate in this event freely. It is a simple and straightforward process.

Follow the steps below to stake your tokens and start earning rewards:

  • Acquire AREA coins: Purchase AREA through supported exchanges or by participating in the Areon Network ecosystem events.
  • Connect your wallet to Website: Connect your compatible Web3 wallet to the official Areon Network website, ensuring a secure and seamless transaction process.
  • Select the available staking pool: Choose the available staking pool, ranging between 30 days to 360 days based on availability. If you have multiple options, please consider the lock-up duration and the potential rewards carefully.
  • Start Staking: Enter the amount of AREA you wish to stake and confirm the transaction. Unless otherwise stated, the minimum amount for staking is 1000 AREA.

Claiming and 'Unstaking'

As you progress through the staking period, the Areon Network website will provide updates on the rewards you accumulate.

To claim your stake rewards, visit our website at the end of the staking duration.

Click Stake on the top menu again and connect your wallet like before.

Then you can claim your rewards based on the conditions agreed earlier.

Should you decide to claim your tokens before the lock-up period concludes, you will forfeit your staking rewards. Thus, it’s important to review the conditions beforehand for your own benefit.

Key Information About Staking Process

Staking Period:

You (the Staker) agree to lock up your AREA coins for a specified duration as announced for the selected stake pool. The staking period will commence upon confirmation of the transaction.


The Staker will be eligible to receive rewards based on the staked amount of AREA and the staking plan. The rewards will be distributed in accordance with the staking rules.

Claiming Rewards

At the end of the staking period, the Staker may claim their accumulated rewards through the Stake page on the website. Rewards will be sent to the Staker’s wallet upon successful claim.

Early Unstaking

Early unstaking, in other words reclaiming your staked amount prematurely, results in forfeiting your stake rewards. You receive your initial investment back.