AreonCLI Arguments

AreonCLI is an all-in-one command-line interface (CLI). It enables users to run an Areon Chain node, manage wallets, and interact with the network through queries and transactions.

The CLI allows users to input commands to perform various operations and communicate with the network. With the features provided by AreonCLI, it becomes easier to perform different tasks on the Areon and manage the network effectively.

Example commands

-h / -helpHelp for CLI
versionPrint the application binary version information
keys listImported or created wallets
keys add [name]Create a new wallet
keys unsafe-export-eth-keyExporting your Areon wallet as evm
startRun the full node
debug addr [address]Convert an address between hex encoding and bech32
init [moniker]Initialize private validator, p2p, genesis, and application configuration files
config [key]Create or query an application CLI configuration file
validate-genesisValidates the genesis file at the default location
tendermint reset-stateRemove all the data and WAL
tendermint show-validatorShow this node's tendermint validator info
tendermint show-node-idShow this node's ID

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