How to Join Testnet

How to Join Testnet?

In this brief guide, we will explain how to participate in the event. Before we dive in, please remember these key principles:

  • The participation is free.
  • DO NOT share your account or wallet information that contains real assets with anyone.
  • Testnet assets (tokens, coins, NFTs) are for test purposes; they hold no value

Step 1: Visit https://areon.network (opens in a new tab) website

On our official website, you will find a button that will take you to the testnet page. Click the button and go to our testnet page (opens in a new tab). Please check that your browser URL address is correct. It must be https://areon.network (opens in a new tab)

If you are in doubt, google “areon network” or find our official social media channels with verified accounts, such as Twitter or Telegram accounts. You will find the correct links there.

Eventually, you will arrive here:

Step 2: Press Connect Wallet Button

Now, you are on our testnet page.

When you are ready, start by connecting your wallet.

Once you click the Connect Wallet button in the top right corner, your Web3 wallet (such as Metamask or Trust wallet) will save the necessary information about our test network.

Proceed to grant it access, confirm and let it switch to the Areon test network.

Please Note: Areon Wallet is not a standalone product. It doesn’t have an app or browser extension yet. Thus, you need another Web3 wallet such as Metamask or Trust wallet to initiate the testnet.

Tip: You can import your testnet wallet into AreonWallet at any time! AreonWallet awaits you on the AreonScan (opens in a new tab) page. You just need to import it.

Step 3: Start Testing

Testnet tasks are a series of transactions that you can perform on a daily basis. For each task completed, you will receive AREA Points. The more AREA Points you collect, the higher your testnet score is. We will keep a leaderboard of participants, so that you can check your ranking at any time. Once your wallet is connected to the test network, these tasks will be available for you.

(Optional) Step 4: Import your Web3 wallet to AreonWallet

This is an optional step if you wish to test AreonWallet as well.

When you visit the AreonScan (opens in a new tab) page, the dedicated scanner of Areon Network, you will notice a drawer panel on your right hand side.

It is the AreonWallet!

Click to activate it. Let’s import your testnet account from the Web3 wallet.

  • Select an option for importing your Web3 wallet here.

Available options are Mnemonic phrase, Private key and Keystore.

  • Give your Areon Wallet a cool name and set a secure password.

Use the password to log back into Areon Wallet after some time.

  • Once completed, you can use Areon Wallet the same way you use your existing Web3 wallet.

Step 5: Keep performing tasks on Testnet

Testnet gives our developers a crucial insight as to how the Areon Chain performs under pressure.

By taking part in the event, you will be helping Areon Network get better.

As the testnet continues, we will be publishing new tasks for you to complete. Thus, it is crucial for us that you continue participating in them.

Zealy Tasks

With testnet, we are adding new Zealy quests to our ongoing sprint.

The points you earn in this sprint will bring you Areon Points in the testnet. We will explain how Zealy XP will convert to Area Points later on.

Zealy tasks are a series of fun, simple quests that need your attention briefly each day.

Don’t forget to check Areon Zealy Quest Board (opens in a new tab) for updates!


This sums up our guide for exploring the Areon Testnet.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to visit our Discord server or Telegram group. Our staff will be there to help you.

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