Run a node

Run a node


Tip: Before you start, it is advisable to have a look at the following documents

Find and download the current version for CLI (opens in a new tab)

Peer to connect to an active and authenticated node

It is useful to set some conditions at the beginning

areoncli config keyring-backend file
areoncli config chain-id areon_462-1
Tip: Used as an example.
areoncli init $MONIKER --chain-id areon_462-1

Create a new wallet or import

areoncli keys add $WALLET
areoncli keys unsafe-import-eth-key $WALLET $PRIVATE

Download genesis

wget -O .areonchaindatadir/config/genesis.json
wget -O .areonchaindatadir/config/config.toml
wget -O .areonchaindatadir/config/app.toml
areoncli validate-genesis

Start node

areoncli start --log_level warn --keyring-backend os