What is a testnet?

As the word suggests, a testnet is a test network. Developers use a testing platform to try their codes, the chain’s transactions, new apps and much more.

While a testnet is often used before a mainnet, sometimes developers open a test platform after the mainnet to try new things in a risk-free environment.

Developers may use it to try new functions and measure the performance. If there is an error, they can fix it easily without hurting the mainnet.

What are the benefits of a testnet?

Besides the obvious benefits of testing functions and performance, test networks are also vital to prevent any interruptions to users’ interactions or assets.

Coins or tokens in a testnet environment have no value.

Tokens are only used for simulations. This is an excellent way for our developers to fix bugs and improve the chain in a safe way.

Why should you join Testnet?

When users join Areon testnet, they will explore the speed and functionality of Areon Chain for the first time. Based on the feedback, we can fix and improve things before going live.

You can join it for free and see Areon Chain in action for the first time.

Mainnet vs. Testnet: What is the difference?

While the difference may sound obvious, it is important to list the facts for further clarification:

PurposeA simulation for testing chain performance, spotting errors and proving the functions via testers’ helpA live platform for smart contracts, dApps, live transactions and generating new coins for the chain.
FeaturesSame or more features than mainnet, if developers are testing a new function.Same features for regular blockchain functions.
StakingNo direct economic benefits from chain activities. Areon testers will receive rewards and gifts for participatingBased on Proof of Area consensus, validators will receive rewards for proving transactions.
CoinsCoins or tokens on a testnet are for simulation purposes. They don’t have any value.Coins and tokens on a mainnet have real value.
Network IDsTestnet has a unique and different network id.Mainnet has a unique and different network id.
WalletsYour testnet wallet will be separate and different. You cannot swap assets from test network to main network.Your mainnet wallet will be different. You cannot receive assets from your testnet wallet to the mainnet wallet.

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