Testnet Contracts

Tokens are only used for simulations. This is an excellent way for our developers to fix bugs and improve the chain in a safe way.


TAREA is a virtual unit used on the Areon Network testnet. TAREA has the same features as real AREA but has no real value. Teams looking to develop on the AreonChain can use this unit. Additionally, operations such as burning, transferring, and minting are performed with this test token for users on the testnet page.


WAREA includes an operation that allows you to convert TAREA to other test tokens or vice versa. In short, WAREA is used to interact more seamlessly and compatibly with the tokens in the Areon Network Testnet ecosystem.


These tokens enable users to swap WAREA test tokens and provide liquidity.

Mint NFT

This contract is used to mint NFTs from the Testnet AreonNFT series, which is the counterpart of the original AreonNFT series. The minted NFTs have no intrinsic value.

Create NFT

This contract is written for users on the Areon Network testnet to create their own NFTs. The minted NFTs have no intrinsic value.

Smart Contract Addresses

The contract addresses we use for Testnet tasks are given in the table below.

WAREA0x35a792534e7C85b98f06E3426ABA09d15863b83d (opens in a new tab)
TUSDT0xbb4f7fa1e4bd06ce50974b655842a3c939a6c391 (opens in a new tab)
DEV0xb8082fa72bd534eb0fa124a0ea8fb9824356fd74 (opens in a new tab)
POT0xd863f49e3f2af81b2162d6be0bbf2924e9cc824d (opens in a new tab)
TARC0x33cfdd4fa2208c90232d31712cc852d83cc05b9f (opens in a new tab)
Mint NFT0x3bb016a6e45db2eee1d273d26a7e756534bf0d51 (opens in a new tab)
Create NFT0xa9e5b3f32384113a1f9b83748469b2ed84ce55f1 (opens in a new tab)

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