Areon NFTs

Areon NFTs

Areon Network has made an impressive entrance into the world of crypto art with its 6660 unique NFT pieces at January 2023. The collection features diverse characters like Axolotl, Crab, and Ariesman, each standing out with their own rich backstory. These NFTs symbolize the decentralized structure of the Areon Network on the Binance Smart Chain and offer unique value to art enthusiasts. The collection showcases that crypto art is not just a visual feast, but can also be meaningful and community-focused.

Here is stories from our AreonNFT series; AreonCity... A city ahead of technology

The first inhabitants of this city are Areonians. Step into a new world with them. Let them introduce the city to you. This city was theirs until now. Now is the time to build and develop together. Explore the city with its architects. This city has different stories in it. There are special stories in this city, such as Ariesman, who is a scientist in the laboratory during the day and a DJ in the most popular nightclub of Areon City in the evenings, or Axolotl, whose broken heart is not repaired even though every damaged organ is recovered.Let's take a closer look at these stories together.

Alligator: Although he is feared at first sight with his long jaw and sharp teeth, he is one of the most beautiful colors in this city. He broke out of every mold he was in. He never hide his identity and was always proud of it. Although most of his life is spent in difficulties and loneliness, he is waiting for the rainbow that will come after that rain.

Ariesman: Areon City's leading scientist. He is also the most loved DJ of Areon City.He is at the microscope in the morning and at the turntable in the evening. He never loses his desire to be the best at two completely different things his business. So which one will you meet? Scientist Ariesman or DJ Ariesmen?

Axolotl: No matter how much he resembles Master Yoda, he is a unique hero of this city. Its different physiology makes it very different. It has a structure that can constantly renew itself and quickly heal damaged organs and limbs. What about a broken heart? No external factor can harm him. Except love...

Crab: Crab, one of the founders of the city, is one of the oldest inhabitants of this city. 3 groups built Areon City together. More precisely, the friendship of the 3 groups created this city from scratch, but this friendship ended because of the secret that will remain between the three. Crab felt betrayed and went into a solitary retreat.

Fireman: The rebel boy of the city. He knows Areon City like the back of his hand, but always travels alone. You can meet Fireman, who likes to be alone, on any street. You can come across a different hair color every time you see it. So, which color haired Fireman will you meet?

Jellyfish: While living a quiet life in the seas of Areon City, he fell victim to an interesting experiment by Ariesman. But it wasn't just the appearance that changed. His identity has also changed with his appearance. He only has a vengeance towards Ariesman. The strange smile on his face reminds us of the bad characters in the movies

Octopus: Octopus is a very different character from all of them. You can see him one day taking his sailor hat and traveling to different lands, or having fun in a bar until the morning. He who enjoys life to the fullest and life is actually a big smile for him. So which Octopus will you get? Will you take a new trip to the seas with him or drink tequila together on a Mexican night?

Penguin: She's sweet and cute looking, well-liked by everyone in the city. He is a child who has place in everyone's heart with his smile and sweet appearance. What if it isn't? What if there's a different story behind her sweet looks? He has a friendship with Shark that no one knows about, and they act together. What's Penguin's plan for this city with the Shark he's been hiding from everyone?

Prince: He is the most idealist of the group of 3 who founded this city with Crab. He designed every inch of Areon City and brought it together with technology. He believed in the New World Order and approached the city from a completely different perspective. Although his futuristic thoughts disturb most groups, he does not seem to give up on the path he believes in.

Sea Lion: Sea Lion actually gives off a dad vibe to anyone who sees him. If you follow him one day and watch him, you can see that he is actually a teenager. Despite his age, you can see that he skates better than the younger ones at the skate park. He is doing his best to catch up and enjoy life, even if it is late.

Seahorse: Another founder of Areon City is Seahorse. He has a wise and traditional personality. As Prince reflects the futuristic side of this city, he also reflects the traditional side of this city. The deterioration of his old friendship with Crab after the city was founded affected him deeply, and he never resurfaced. He now rules the seas of Areon City and maintains peace.

Sea Turtle: Prince's Xman guards Areon City's visible face, while Sea Tutle guards its seas. He may seem childish and sweet, he is actually a fearless warrior. It provides safety in the seas of the city in the shadow of the Seahorse. A poor boy who misses his family as much as he is a fearless warrior. He is looking for his family who disappeared years ago. Hope is what sustains him. He always keeps the hope

Shark: The owner of the underworld and Xman's only enemy. He wants to control this city. He wants to be the owner of the order, not a part of the order. The good and bad battle with Xman is worth seeing. Areon City's unresolved rivalry. Remember that every villain has a story that makes it villian. So what's Shark's story?

X Man: He was commissioned by the Prince to guard the city. Protector of the city and order. It is one of the most important reasons for Areon City's peaceful life. What if anyone is bothered by this order? The fight against Shark, who says the best order is disorder, has been going on since the city was founded. And it seems like it will never end.


We are excited to follow the adoption of NFTs in many parts of the world. The use of NFT has always been difficult to date due to high costs, even though we live in a world where blockchain technology is used effectively, there are ecosystems that are still not fully functional, with technical limitations for users.

Areon's vision is; Making NFTs much easier to use, trade, and create as we enable greater adoption and significantly increase the volume of the NFT World, with our faster and more cost-effective solutions. We are building a scalable cross-chain token network.

Setting out with the motto of being a pioneer in the field of NFT, MetAreon started working with leading NFT artists and collectors in this field 1 year before its launch. In this process, where we identify the deficiencies and needs in the sector, our continuously growing professional team is focused on solving this problem. We are creating a unique ecosystem.

A Unique NFT Experience! You are rewarded with $AREA for every transaction made in the MetAreon. Buy NFT from the world's best artists or let your imagination run wild to be among the world's best artists. Artists receive royalties for all ongoing secondary sales of their works at the rate they set for each sale, forever.

Our continuously growing professional team has been working on the shortcomings and needs in the NFT ecosystem for 1 year. We have worked for a long time to build the most unique and easiest bridge between artists and art enthusiasts, and we continue to do so.

Our Core Team carefully selects and approves artists and NFT projects. Artists are responsible for promoting and selling their work to collectors. However, we think that the artists are not getting the support they deserve in terms of marketing and sales. We support artists who are committed to the arts and produce visibly unique works of art.

Do you have confidence in your abilities, but insufficient resources to bring your project to life? We are as close as an e-mail to you.

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