Getting Started

Getting Started

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What is Areon?

Areon Network is a unique, decentralized layer 1 blockchain project with a spotless track record of stable development since day 1.

Areon Network is developing Areon Chain, where anyone can build new dApps, perform daily interactions of sending and receiving payments instantly for incredibly low fees.

Our consensus mechanism is called Proof of Area. It is a unique technology, which supports up to 600,000 TPS without issues, and completes a transaction in around 100 milliseconds.

What can you do on Areon?

Areon Network is a decentralized ecosystem. The sole purpose of our project is to give everyone a convenient platform with daily, practical uses.

We want Areon to be the network that you prefer for all your payment transaction needs, your space for app development and your favorite spot for entertainment.

You can use Areon Chain to send and receive payments with unprecedented speed and competitive gas fees.

You can also mint NFTs on our chain and hold them in your Areon Wallet securely.

As we build our NFT marketplace MetAreon on our chain, you will also be able to buy, sell or swap NFTs along with many other unique features for relatively cheaper gas fees.

Due to our chain’s powerful structure and scalability, developers from around the world will start using Areon Chain as their basis for dApp development with low costs. As a result, you will find various apps that work on Areon including fun games.

Moreover, you can interact with Areon City which is the key element for the validation process in our chain with the Proof of Area consensus mechanism.

The land ownership in our city is the essential first step for becoming a validator for the chain.

What is Areon Chain?

It is our layer 1 blockchain, that offers cost-effective and stable results for crypto transactions.

Areon Chain is powered by our unique technology Proof of Area. It is set to redefine transaction speeds with unparalleled processing capability in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain technology has scalability challenges, particularly in processing large volumes of transactions. Areon chain aims to overcome this hurdle by providing superior technology.

Speed is a critical factor in the success of any blockchain network. There are many other layer 1 chains that can reach high speeds, but they end up with unstable results. We conducted extensive research and development to optimize transaction times with more efficient coding.

As a result, Areon Chain is now capable of near-instant confirmations. Areon chain sets a new benchmark for speed by leveraging the power of its Proof of Area-based consensus algorithm.

Areon Chain's advanced architecture and optimized algorithm enable us to achieve transaction speeds that were previously unimaginable. With the ability to handle an astonishing number of 600,000 transactions per second, Areon chain paves the way for real-time, high throughput blockchain applications, catering to the demands of modern decentralized economies.

Furthermore, traditional blockchain solutions often struggle with scalability as network usage grows. We designed Areon Chain to be capable of scaling upwards in response to growing demand, without compromising performance.

The combination of the PoA consensus algorithm and advanced network optimization techniques allow us to handle massive transaction volumes with remarkable efficiency.

The unprecedented transaction speed of Areon Chain has far-reaching implications for the broader blockchain ecosystem. High-performance blockchain applications such as financial systems, supply chain management, and decentralized exchanges can thrive on the Areon Chain, opening up new possibilities for businesses and users worldwide.

Our development team is dedicated to ongoing research, optimizing network performance, and exploring new techniques to deliver even faster transaction processing capabilities.

In many ways, Areon Chain emerges as a game-changer in the blockchain industry. We present a significant milestone in blockchain evolution, laying the foundation for a new era of high-performance, decentralized applications for everyone.

What is Proof of Area?

Proof of AREA algorithm is a new consensus mechanism technology based on the cost reduction of Proof of Stake. The ideas are very similar, but with an important twist.

In Areon Network, establishing consensus for the network transactions is given to the users with the validator role. The validators will play this necessary role in exchange for network transaction rewards

The first step for becoming a validator is obtaining land in Areon City. Initially, the cost will be 10,000 AREA for the purchase. There will be other criteria for qualification. We will disclose this information shortly before the launch of our mainnet.

Thus, owning a land in Areon City is the first step of becoming a validator. This ownership entitles you to certain other benefits. You can use that digital space to build an app or to advertise on it. You can lend it or sell it to someone else at any point.

As such, the Proof of Area mechanism brings several beneficial reasons for long-term holders, which helps us shield our investors against selling pressure.

All transactions made in Areon ecosystem will be verified on the Proof of Area algorithm

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