Areon City

Areon City

Proof of Area technology completes transaction verifications based on who holds the most AreaLands for transaction confirmations. This is also part of a unique loyalty program. With 10,000 $AREA, 1 Standard AreaLand can be purchased within AreonCity Metaverse. These imported AreaLands are the counterpart of real-world lands in the AreonCity.

All desired structures can be built based on imagination.

GENERATE! Create music, pictures or a video and sell it as NFT. Build a house or store and auction it in Areon City. Win prizes at events where we pick the best designs. Being a content creator on Areon Network is always easy.

EARN! Areon Network will allow the doors of financial freedom to be opened wide for $AREA purchasers. Financial freedom is the right of everyone, not just the privileged few.

LEARN! The best investment is education. From business and technical education courses to language courses, from art courses to health education, everyone at Areon online workshop is both an educator and a student. We are committed to reshape the future of learning.

ENJOY! You can play video games or go to a nightclub, you can even have fun in the front row at the live concert of your favorite artist. You can compete against other users to win in online competitions.

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