You can set your peers in config.toml.

Below are examples of how you can add persistent peers, they are just examples, do not use them.

persistent_peers = "[email protected]:26656"
areoncli tendermint show-node-id

Format: node-id@server-ip:port

Example Peer: [email protected]:26656

Validator Backup

Ensuring the security of your validator node is of paramount importance, and a key aspect of this is the diligent backup of your validator's private key. This private key holds significant value as it serves as the exclusive means to restore your validator in the unfortunate event of a disaster. Specifically, it is a Tendermint Key, a distinctive cryptographic key that plays a crucial role in signing consensus votes.

Recognizing the pivotal nature of this key underscores the importance of establishing robust backup practices, safeguarding the continuity and integrity of your validator node.

So be sure to make a backup of this key, here is the file path where you can find the key:


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